Welcome to Raccoon Coffee Co.

Mobile craft coffee & espresso. Tiny Pies. Killer service. Coming soon to the streets of Columbus, OH 


Coffee & Snacks: A Love Story

Jake & Ami met at work.

In June of 2013 we bought a 1957 Trotwood trailer and started the most exciting, frustrating, awesome, and exhausting project of our lives, thus far.

The 56 year old trailer had to be torn down to the studs and completely rebuilt. All that made the final cut was the aluminum shell, steel frame, and some very charming original details. Because the space is so small and unique, every aspect of the shop was built custom-- even the three-compartment sink. 


This project would not be possible without the incredible help and generosity of our parents, patience of our friends, and support of the awesome Columbus coffee, mobile food,  and entrepreneurial communities. We have learned so much about ourselves (Jake can build anything. Ami should be a lawyer.) We are proud of ourselves and excited to serve you coffee & snacks.

Cheers to best years of our lives




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